Mac version on the track ?!

I desperately look at this forum every week to see if there’s any news about a Boxifier for mac.

Please, let us know if you still working on a mac version. Give us hope. Give us an approximate ETA. At least a quick roadmap.

Thanks :smile:

Hi Christophe,

Just to avoid any confusion: yes! absolutely! we are working on a Mac version.

There were some changes in OSX El Capitan which was released this fall and our team had to work around those but development for Boxifier for OSX is still going strong. There were also improvements to be made on Boxifier for Windows in the last months and Boxifier for Mac will also benefit from those.

I know we’ve been quiet in the last months with regards to product announcements and that’s only because we were busy with the actual improvements that we want to deliver. We also need a solution for syncing folders with Dropbox on the Mac and that’s why we’re putting our energy into Boxifier for Mac.

Great news. Glad to read it !

Do you have any ETA ? Even a very large one ? Can we hope to put our hands on it in 2016 ? Spring 2016 ? Before 2016 ? This month ? This week ?! :smile:

How about a signup to be notified when the Mac version is available?

Haha… done since day one.

I am also interested in a Mac version. How does it go. Are you close to a release?

So where are we? I bought the software over a year ago with the anticipation of a Mac Version coming soon. I believe it was to come by the end of 2014. In March the answer was “we’re working on it”. Some kind of update to the community would be nice.

Hi everyone,

Sorry, no ETA for now.

What I can say though is that we are making good progress on this. We had lots of lessons learned from the Windows version. As you probably already know, Boxifier is deeply integrated with Dropbox. That’s how we are able to offer the sync experience that no other product can offer. All the lessons that we learned from the Windows version will also go into Boxifier for Mac.

Recent Dropbox changes in the last months required us to take time and update the Windows version and in the same time continue working on the Mac version. Both take time.

Believe me, we are very eager to release more details on the Mac version. Thank you all for your patience and a BIG THANK YOU once again to everyone using the premium version of Boxifier and supporting the development!

Boxifier would not be here today without your help.

AGHHHHHH the wait continues… haha