Link for Download

I am very excited to start using. I purchased product, sale is complete but I did not get my link to download. I tried downloading the free version but cannot get past the “free code” (which I tried for 2 days to get and never did). When do I get the link? Do I have to wait days? Very disappointing.

Chris, I have sent a reply. Could you please check your e-mail?

Only item in my email is notification of this post. Nothing else. I did check spam folder as well.

That’s weird. I’ve sent a second e-mail and a private message using the forum.

Hope that you receive at least one of them.

However, to answer your original question, there is no separate download link that you receive when upgrading. You receive your license code in an e-mail right after you make the purchase, so you don’t have to wait days.

You can simply enter your code that you receive by e-mail into the Boxifier application that you installed on your PC.

Could you please tell me if there is any error displayed when trying to enter your license in the Boxifier application?

I have replied to the first email I received notifying me of this response incase my email is somehow incorrect. I don’t know what else to do. Please help.

Did you receive my private message on the forum?

I deleted all files and uninstalled. I downloaded a new file and installed. That version did have a link to click on to add my code. It is now working. I don’t know why earlier versions did not. thank you.

Glad to hear that it worked, Chris!