Information on when it is appropriate to update

Boxifier is really good program, but I think the related information is weak in some topics. Don’t get me wrong, if you remember I am one of the first users and I think I am loyal one as I have told Boxifier to others every time I have had the opportunity and made some blog-writings and so on. :slight_smile:

I really hope that you Boxifier team share information on when it is appropriate to update Boxifier or Dropbox, or both. It could be some Information dialog on Boxifier itself?

As developers of the Boxifier you will probably have better information which would be good to inform Boxifier users when it would be worth/vital to update (and what). I mean, updating is not always recommended, although its seems so, as for example I have Boxifier 1.6.5 and Dropbox 25.4.28 and everything (at least) seems to work just fine. But is it really so? Update log does not tell this. And always newest is not the best. I actually waiting with a number of programs before I update. I look forward to comments from other users. Thus, for example, many with Android software, where can be difficult to get an older version if the latest is broken. Often the wait for this has been useful.:+1: