I'm NEW to Boxifier. How can I "UN-SYNC" a folder from DB?

I do computer drafting from my home in South Dakota and work for a client in Arizona.
Boxifier seemed like a perfect solution for 1) both offices always have the latest files 2) my files are automatically backed up without worry.
Since I was new to it – I jumped right in and “synced” an entire work folder from my desktop computer. As you can image, that quickly took up my DB space.
What I should have done was synced only my current project folders.
So – I went into Dropbox – my Boxifier folder and started to “delete” some of the folders that were inactive projects. After I did this to a few folders, I went back to my desktop to take a look at my folders and OMG I noticed that as I was deleting folders on Dropbox in my Boxifier folder, those same folders were deleting off my desk top hard drive! How can that be?!!!
I do want files that I’m working on to continue to update on DB, but if something happens to that file on DB – or somehow gets deleted, I cannot run the risk of that same file being deleted from my personal computer files.
Can you maybe help me understand it’s workings a bit better. By using Boxifier – all of a sudden I feel more nervous about losing files than I was before.

I just removed the entire folder from DB. Now - I will want to “sync” only active folders. However - if I still run the risk of losing these files if they are accidentally deleted of Boxifier in DB - then I’m not sure this is the program for me.

Hi Keely,

Dropbox is a sync product. If you use Dropbox and delete a folder from www.dropbox.com then it will also get deleted from your local Dropbox folder. The same happens with Boxifier.

Boxifier and Dropbox enable you to sync folders so the sync goes both ways. That means, if you delete a file from www.dropbox.com then it will also be deleted from the folder that you are syncing it from. This is simply how Dropbox works. It is a sync product so it also syncs file delete operations. Please keep this in mind when you delete files from www.dropbox.com.

If you want to stop syncing a folder that you synced with Boxifier to your Dropbox account then you can go to the Boxifier application and remove it from there or you can right-click the folder and choose “Boxifier - Remove from Dropbox”.

If you want to add a folder to Dropbox using Boxifier but want to make sure that any files that you delete from that folder using www.dropbox.com don’t cause files to get deleted from the original folder then you can mark that folder as Protected when syncing it with Boxifier.