.ignore file to ignore specific files/folder within a synced folder

Hi guys!

Greate work with your product! I’m using the plus version for my desktop and laptop and it makes me a very happy person :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be great if you can implement a really wanted and for some reason dropbox have ignored it and this would be the .dropboxignore feature that would function like .gitignore.
I think that you’ll make a lot of developers happy and also non-devs can enjoy that feature if you’d implement a context-menu item to ignore a file.
I don’t know how complicated that would be but if you do it you’ll get lots of new customers that are willing to pay for it

the discussion on dropbox forums

Hi Daniel,

Glad to know using Boxifier makes you a happy persion! :smile:

Support for ignoring specific files and folders from sync is definitely on our roadmap. Stay tuned for updates on this!

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That is very good to know :slight_smile: thanks for your reply Bogdan !