If computer doesn't have external drive dropbox emoves it ]Boxifier v1.0.23]

I set up boxifier to map to my music folder on an external drive. Dropbox with Boxifier was working great for the last week or two. But now I’m noticing that if I run my computer without the external drive dropbox will treat the shortcut as broken. Last I had the Boxifier not running issue and reinstalled and it came back. It appears that the Boxifier/Music folder returns after I connect the external rive (DropBox refinds it). But the point of Boxifier was to have the external drive in the cloud. any idea what is going on?

Hi Elliot,

Could you please tell me what you mean by this? If the external drive is disconnected and you go to the local Dropbox → Boxifier folder on your computer then that shortcut won’t work and this is expected due to the external drive not being connected. No shortcut works if the target is not available.

However, not being able to open that shortcut does not affect Dropbox or Boxifier. Your folder does not get deleted from your Dropbox account if your external drive is not connected and you can still access it if you go to www.dropbox.com

Could you please give me more details so that I can understand what exactly is the issue here?

If I have my computer on, without the external drive boxifier or dropbox will “update” my boxifier/music folder and say there is no folder. So when I look on my phone or go to the dropbox.com page the boxifier/music folder is no longer there. When I reconnect my ext drive the folder will reappear after awhile fortunately. But before this didn’t happen because Boxifier would just keep it on the server. For some reason it is updating and if the shortcut doesn’t work (can’t connect to my external) it gets “deleted” and I no longer have access to the folder on dropbox.

Hi Elliot,

I will contact you by e-mail so that we can look into this unusual behavior.


I think the problem is when I go into the Boxifier folder while the external drive isn’t attached.

EDIT: After a while when the external isn’t plugged in it says my music folder is no longer shared. Then it says Boxifier core is not running.