How to change path for an already synced folder


I had a Shared disk mapping to the local computer. and sync folder by boxifier. but some folder( so deep ) can not synced.and i found some folder in boxifier list was different . some is :Y: and other is :\servernew\eroor
so do you know how to change it path to Y:?


Hi Kevin,

The reason why Boxifier uses \servernew\eroot instead of Y: is because using the drive letter is prone to change but the network path is more likely to stay the same.

Is there any particular reason why you would like to change it to use the drive letter instead of the network path?


Thank you for your email.

The first , I thinks the file can not be synced ,the reason is the problem of file path. So I levve this message .but Now ,I have check it again. There is no relationship with the network path or Y:


I had check it , if I put the file to the current directory, the file can be synced by boxifiler. But if you put this file to the deep directory, it can’t be checked by boxifiler,so can’t be snced by dropbox.

Give an example:
”Y:\3.0 Sales\ “ ==”\servernew\eroor\3.0sales”

[Y:\3.0 Sales\ ] this file is SYNCed by boxifiler ,and you put the file (A.doc) to [Y:\3.0 Sales\ A.doc],boxifile know this file have change,So A.doc can be synced by dorpbox.

But if you put this file (A.doc) to [Y:\3.0 Sales\B\C\ A.doc], the file A.doc can’t be synced .

“D:\ERP-Backup\“ this is local disk.
Regardless of where the file is saved under the directory(D:\ERP-Backup\ or D:\ERP-Backup\B\C\D), the file can be synchronized

So I don’t know what matter is. The only thing I can do is to restart Dropbox and boxifier many times every day.


If I got this right, you are experiencing this only with subfolders on the network drive.

If you want to investigate this, you can contact Boxifier support and they can help with that.