Getting Started

Hello, I have a couple of questions about using Boxifier with an external hard drive.

I had a laptop (now non-functioning) that had a 500GB hard drive which held my photos and was fully-synced with Dropbox. The new laptop only has a 64GB SSD, therefore cannot sync everything. I temporarily unchecked all folders in Selective Sync, until I could find a solution. I then purchased a 2TB portable external drive but have yet to put anything on it.

How would I go about getting everything from Dropbox onto the 2TB drive? Would I have to do it manually by checking each folder one at a time in Selective Sync and then moving it over to external?

Also, I noticed when I plugged in the external, two folders were automatically created, Boxifier and Dropbox. Where is everything supposed to go?

Lastly, I have my phone to automatically backup photos taken to Dropbox (Camera Uploads folder). Is it possible to have it go to external as well?

I’m apologize for the newbie questions, but I’m very confused and don’t want to touch anything without being sure of what I’m doing.

Thank you!

Hi Luis,

Did you use Boxifier to sync that 500GB hard drive with Dropbox?

Not for the moment but it is something that we are definitely considering for the future.

Hi bogdan,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I didn’t start using Boxifier until I got the new laptop and realized I did not have enough space and would need to purchase an external drive. So no, it wasn’t previously synced with Boxifier.