Folder Update with relink

I have transfered a 300GB folder from an external drive via Boxifier to Dropbox.
The updates for this folder should now come from the PC (internal HD), no longer from
the external drive.
How to do ?

Hi Juergen,

If I got this right, you used to sync that folder from the external drive but now you want to stop using the external drive and to sync the contents of that folder to the local Dropbox -> Boxifier folder on that computer.

Is this the case?

Hi Bogdan,
Yes, this ist exakt the was.

One way to do this would be to go and uncheck that folder in the Selective Sync settings in Dropbox. This way it will stop syncing with the external drive.

The second step would be to remove the link in the Boxifier application. So you would go to the Boxifier application, move the mouse on top of that folder and select “Remove from Dropbox” from that menu. This will remove the link with the external drive.

After following these 2 steps you can go to the Selective Sync settings in Dropbox and check that folder back. Then Dropbox will start downloading that folder to your local Dropbox folder on the internal HD.

Please let me know how this goes.

The Dropbox folder should not be transfered to the internal Drive.
There is not enough space and the internal Drive has only a few files.
The internal Drive sends only updates to Dropbox.
Can i Relink the Dropbox folder with the internal folder?
In my first step i had a link ext. Drive to dropbox, Now i World like to change this to a int. Drive to Dropbox link.

I am not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve.

You mentioned that you want to link that folder with a folder on the internal drive but you also mention the internal drive does not have enough space for this?

Could you please provide more details?

I transfered a large folder from my external Drive to Dropbox via
Boxifier link. All Futures updates will come from the internal drive for
This folder. No longer any Update from the external Drive.

When you say all future updates will come from the internal drive, do you mean that the folder will be stored on the internal drive?

No, it should not be störend in the internal Drive because
It is to obig.

Sorry the German corrections comes automatically.

Where should it be stored then?

I will only add files to to dropbox. A Kind of augmentation.

If you only want to add files to Dropbox and not have that folder stored anywhere on your computer or your external drives then you can upload your files using

If you want to sync the changes made to that folder then it needs to be stored somewhere, whether that is an internal drive or an external drive.

what happens, when the folder on the PC has less files than the folder with the same name in Dropbox?
Is there a sync, which sends the newer files to Dropbox and the rest gets send from the Dropbox to the PC ?
At the end both folders would have the same number of files.