Folder already exists in Boxifier on DropBox

I selected a folder on external drive, to sync with DB. This is my first attempt to use Boxifier on a folder on my external drive.

Many of the files in the folder are already on DB, so I had labelled all the folders the same on HD and DB. I moved the containing folder into the Boxifier folder on DB, hoping it would see which files already exist and only upload those that don’t.

But when I try to sync, I get message the the folder name already exist. But if I create a new folder, it will upload (or will it) Everything into the new folder.

If I change the folder name in the boxifier folder on DB, will it then see the files and folders that are already there and only upload those that aren’t?


Hi Robert,

If I understood correctly, you want to link a folder from the external drive with an existing folder in -> Boxifier

This will be available with the next release. Stay tuned!


Will that be very soon, or shall I try to work around it? For example, what if I created a new folder name inside Boxifier on DB and then moved all the subfolders/files into it. Would Boxifier see which files already existed and only upload those that are missing? It seems that could work. What do you say and when is new release planned?


Unfortunately that will not work with the current release. However, the new release is coming really soon (following days).


What is the timing of the new release?

Be sure to send for new release. I’m waiting for it!