[FIXED] Syncing forever

I’m using Boxifier to sync an external drive and it works pretty well, except for one little anoying detail. I don’t know why it is stuck, and always with the blue arrows sign of syncing, forever. It always says it is trying to sync two files, but when I enter the external HD via My Computer it shows all the folders with the green check sign. My guess is he is trying to sync a hidden file inside the external HD, and maybe not being able to for some reason.


Does the Dropbox tray icon offer more details about which files cannot be synced?

Yes, Razvan. The file it is always syncing is called “System Volume Information” and it’s a file of my external HD (drive F). When I enter the HD all the folders are checked green.

I tried to show hidden items in the HD, but there is none. I guess this file is related to the external HD structure somehow.