[FIXED] Sync the same folder path on 2 pcs

Hello, I’m wanting to sync a folder: c:\programs\notepad\new on 2 pcs. I’m able to add one via boxifier to dropbox, how do I then add this synced dropbox folder to the same location on the 2nd pc?

I’m wanting to have a true sync between two pcs’ so that when I make changes on 1 pc, it is synced at the same folder location on both pcs and vice versa.

On the 2nd PC you need to link the c:\programs\notepad\new folder with your existing folder in Dropbox. You can do it like this:

After installing Dropbox and Boxifier on the 2nd PC make sure that the Boxifier folder is checked in the Selective Sync settings in Dropbox and the new folder is unchecked

Then you can go and right-click the c:\programs\notepad\new folder
to relink it. The name (new) will match the existing folder in your Dropbox so you will see a Relink button.

Then, after you click the Relink button you can go to the Selective Sync settings in Dropbox and check
the new folder so that it starts syncing with the c:\programs\notepad\new folder. Click OK to apply Selective Sync settings.

That’s all. Please let me know how this goes or if you have any questions.