[FIXED] Sync folder from 2 computers


I’m trying Boxifier to sync my Filezilla roaming profile from both computers.
On the enterprise computer, source is : C:\Users\vincent\AppData\Roaming\Filezilla
On my personnal computer, source is : C:\Users\perso\AppData\Roaming\Filezilla

On both computers, dropbox is installed in D:\Dropbox.

When adding Filezilla on the second computer, a warning box appears because D:\Dropbox\Boxifier\Filezilla is already used.

  • So, is there a way to share the same datas ?
  • Because Filezilla may contain passwords, is there a solution to store datas away from Dropbox (and then use CryptSync to encrypt before sending to Dropbox ?



Hi Vincent,

There is no built-in support for encrypting data before passing it to Dropbox at the moment.

For now using the same folder name on the second computer is not possible, but that’s about to change. A new version of Boxifier is under development which will remove that limitation. For the first version we wanted to keep things simple, but Boxifier is about to get a lot more powerful. Stay tuned.

Razvan from Boxifier

Thanks for the answer. Yes, keep is as simple as possible.

This is how I will imagine the implementation :

  • add a boxifier configuration file in Dropbox\Boxifier
  • in the config file, add a description for each computer (based on Netbios name for example)
  • in the config file, keep a match from which source drive for which computer. (each computer will get the same destination folder)
  • in Boxifier, at the first run, let user choose : New or Import. The New feature will work as actually. The Import feature will read in Dropbox\Boxifier\Configuration file to import datas on computer. (This case may overwrite datas on new computer, so a warn messagebox should be displayed).

(but you should have already think about this I suppose ^^)

This is now possible with the Relink feature. Please see this thread for more info: