[FIXED] Stuck on more info to Boxifier Core isn't running

For no reason the folders selected in Boxifier stopped working.

When opening Boxifier each one had a question mark, which said ‘gathering more information’.

I have updated Dropbox and Boxifier to their latest versions only yesterday and now when I open Boxifier it says ‘Boxifier core is not running’.

It does not display any folders and when I browse to them locally, they no longer have the little Dropbox Sync icon on them.

The files are not being uploaded to Dropbox as I checked online and on another machine.

Please help.

Hi Aaron,

What are the Dropbox version and the Boxifier version that you have installed on your computer?

Hi Bogdan

Boxifier 1.5.0
Dropbox 7.3.29

Thank you

Did you try updating to Boxifier 1.5.1?

Oh I didn’t know there was another version.

I only got this one from your website yesterday.

Should I use the main download link on your website?

Boxifier 1.5.1 was released a few hours ago.

Yes, you can download it from the website or you can open settings in Boxifier in check for updates.

Hi Bogdan

Ok, great…it has recognised the folders again.

They are back to having a question mark on them in Boxifier so I will keep you posted.

Apologies I missed the update, that’s normally the first thing I check…

Thank you

Glad to know it works now :slight_smile: