[FIXED] Red X in Status tab


Apologies if this has been asked and answered, I did a have a look…

I THINK I have successfully synced the folders I want, and I’m still well under my Dropbox limit of 8 gigs; however, in the Status box of Boxifier there is a little red X (beside ‘Dropbox. Up to date’) which makes me think the sync was unsuccessful. I have explored all the folders synched and none are shown as still synching or not synched (altho there are a lot of nested folders and I may have missed some). Also, under the Sync tab in Boxifier all folders are ticked as synched.

So, my question is, why the little red X?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Could you please post a screenshot of the “Status” tab? Does Dropbox offer any other details when you click the Dropbox icon in the tray?


Thanks Christine - it did in fact turn out to be that Dropbox was full, I got a ‘Dropbox full’ or similar message next time I rebooted. So it was nothing to do with Boxifier and I have resolved it by unsyncing a (v large) pst file.

Thanks for responding, all well.


Glad to hear that, Mike. Thanks for replying and letting me know!