[FIXED] No Boxifier option when I right click on folder

I activated my boxifier licence on a new pc running Windows 10. When I right click on a folder I don’t have the option of using boxifier to sync that folder. It worked fine on my old pc running the same version of windows 10.

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Hi Eric,

Does this happen with any folder you right-click or only on specific ones?

Seems to be any folder on the machine. When I right click on any random folder on any drive I do not have a boxifier option like I did on my old pc.

I understand. I will contact you by e-mail so that we can investigate this.

i’m having this problem as well. I don’t seen any shel integration, and i just seeing a “Loading Folders List” message in the boxifier app

If you’re using an expermental version of Dropbox (3.11) then Boxifier might not work with it yet. Please make sure that you use the stable build of Dropbox (3.10) in order for Boxifier to work correctly.

I have this problem as well – Windows 10 Pro (without the latest ‘big’ update), Boxifier 1.0.23, Dropbox 3.12.2. No shell integration, Boxifier tells me it’s “Loading folders list” and never gets anywayer. And as a real kicker, Dropbox tells me that I deleted the 77,000 files synched via Boxifier overnight (most on my NAS, some on my PC). How do I get this urgently fixed?

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I have exactly this same problem. It seems to have shown up about 4 hours ago.
I already escalated it to team@boxifier.com and they are looking at it.
Helen, FWIW, go to the dropbox.com web site and restore the deleted items.
You may want to enable selective sync on your local Dropbox client so that they don’t start getting pulled to your machine, while Boxifier working on the issue.
I think going to your “Boxifier” directory on the Dropbox web site will help you restore everything.
But you may do it soon, so it doesn’t get deleted permanently.

Waiting on the fix for this urgently here as well.



Hello everyone,

As Vitali said, we’re on it. Please do not make any changes to the selective sync settings or try to restore any files. Your files/folders will be automatically restored when you install the next update which will come in the next hour.

Thank you for your understanding. I will get back in the next hour with a setup that you can download.


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Here is the new update:


Please install it and report any issues here.


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Having installed the new version, looks like I just have to wait for 145000+ files to sync again… swamping my broadband connection while they do. It would be nice to know why this had happened, so I can judge whether it’s likely to happen again and decide if/how to reconfigure to minimise the effects if it does.

This shouldn’t have any impact on your Internet connection. The files will only be indexed but they won’t be uploaded again as they were previously uploaded to Dropbox.

Basically this happened due to a change in Dropbox that stopped Boxifier from working the way it worked until today.
The Boxifier update released today includes mechanisms that should minimize future effects.

Had the same issue: all my folders in Boxifier fodler have been deleted and replaced by .lnk files! I’ve lost 150GB, +18,500 files :frowning:

Hi Mathieu,

If you install the update released today there should be no files lost. The contents will be re-indexed and they will re-appear in your Dropbox account. No uploads should take place.

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Ok! Sync is in progress… From the dropbox website, all files were missing in the Boxifier folder. So does it mean that dropbox keeps the files and the sync will just make them “reappear” ?

Yes, you are absolutely right.

Dropbox does not delete the files immediately, it keeps them for 30 days so the sync will just make them reappear in your Dropbox account once the indexing is complete.


Sync is working for me in v1.3.0, but now every time I go to sync a folder the on-screen keyboard pops up.

Thank you for a quick fix and an email update to everyone, Bogdan.
A few more things in case they continue be helpful:

  • boxifier.com was cashed for me. I didn’t see the new Boxifier-Setup-1.3.0.exe until I hard-refreshed the page
  • There’s this Dropbox setting: [Include me on early releases]. I did have the checkbox selected to try out the early builds.
    Perhaps it behooves everyone to stay on the stable release when using Boxifier with Dropbox?
    What do you think?
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You’re absolutely right, Vitali. These issues appear with the Dropbox experimental builds and the latest Dropbox release candidate. Yes, as you said, it is better that people stay on the stable release.

Nevertheless, installing the latest Boxifier update is recommended for everyone :smile:

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i update to Boxifier 1.5.0 and can’t right click, with 1.3.0 no issue…