[FIXED] Manual start Boxifier

I have times I use dropbox daily and times I don’t use it. That’s why I always start dropbox manually.
Would be nice to have the option tot start Boxifier manual, too, instead of when starting windows.

Thank you for letting us know.

This feature is planned for the next release coming out next week.

Great, thanks :slight_smile:
Do I have to do anything to prevent Boxifier from starting with windows? I mean … starting manual means not starting at system start :wink:

We have just released a new update (1.0.14). You can download it from here:


You can then go to the Settings panel (click the wheel icon)

Then, in the Settings panel, uncheck “Start Boxifier when I log in to Windows”.

Hope this helps.

Thx, I use it sonce the update came out. Thx :slight_smile: