[FIXED] License have to re-type on update, notification area icon not keep hidden

I have to enter plus-license again when I update, It is quite annoying (have to search it and so on).

I have set that Boxifier icon is hidden on notification area, but every time Boxifier starting icon in the notification area visible. Could you fix that.

I agree, having to enter the license on update is annoying.

We are working on having auto-update support in Boxifier so that you don’t have to check the website for a new version. Adding support for auto-update required some changes so that is why you had to enter the license again. However, we’ll make sure that you won’t have to enter your license code next time you update Boxifier.

Regarding the Boxifier icon in the notification area, the fix is already implemented and will be available in the next update.

Thank you for reporting this. It helps us make Boxifier a better product.

We’ve just released a new update (1.0.14). You can download it from here:


It includes the fix for the notification area icon to make sure the icon stays hidden when you set it from Control Panel.

To set this, just go to the Settings Panel (click the wheel icon)

Then, in the Settings panel, uncheck “Always show Boxifier icon in tray”.

That’s it. Once you uncheck this, Boxifier will not enforce showing the icon, so the icon will be kept hidden when you set it from Control Panel.

Thank you! And I did not have to enter license on update. :sunny: