[FIXED] Is there a 11.4.22 compatible version in the works?


Is there a 11.4.22 compatible version in the works?


Hi, we really need the updated boxifier to make it works with dropbox 11.4.22.

Please update it urgently


While Boxifier tell that Dropbox 11.4.22 is not supported, it works just fine.


Hello everyone,

An update is coming soon.


Currently boxifier is not able to work due to the imcompatibility. However, once we have updated later to the latest version of Boxifier, is Boxifier going to re-index again all the files?!


What do you mean “it works just fine” ?

I beg to differ.


If I add files folder that Boxifier controls, files are updated to Dropbox.

Dropbox version is 11.4.22 and Boxifier is 1.5.16.
Windows 10 Pro x64 (1607 /14393.222)


My bad. I checked earlier today totally wrong folder. I am sorry. Yes, Boxifier folders are not updated. :blush:


It’s alive! YAY



Boxifier 1.5.17 has been released and supports Dropbox 11.4.22.

It also includes a new feature to block Dropbox updates. More info here: