[FIXED] How to start Boxifier Core, if not running?

I’ve seen other entries about Boxifier Core not running. However, this is a random thing, for me. I don’t know why sometimes it’s running and others not? Exiting and restarting the software doesn’t fix it, but sometimes rebooting does.

Question: if the Core is not running, is my data that I’ve selected with Boxifier on my external drive still being uploaded, if the software is running on the Task Bar? I’m running XP Pro.

Please reply to both points above. Thanks!

Just another user here…

I can’t speak to why it seems that Boxifier is running sometimes and not. Why do you think that it’s not running - because the icon is not in your System Tray next to your clock?

In regards to whether it is running, check if Boxifier.exe is in your task manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL > Start Task Manager). If it is, it’s probably running. Try placing a file in one of your Boxifier’d folders and see if it uploads!

Anyone still experiencing this problem, please get in touch by e-mail and let us know: team@boxifier.com

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I am now experiencing this and will email. Just installed BitDefender so that might have something to do with it.

P.S. Here’s what the issue looks like.

Hello everyone,

This has been fixed starting with Boxifier 1.3.4

If you still experience issues please get in touch and let us know by e-mail: team at boxifier dot com