[FIXED] How to run Dropbox+Boxifier when Kaspersky is installed

UPDATE - March 15: The latest version of Boxifier fixes this issue.

Hello everyone.

Razvan from Boxifier here.

After investigating several reports from our users we found out that Kaspersky Internet Security prevents Dropbox from running when Boxifier is installed.

Our initial analysis found out that this is caused by a bug in Kaspersky Internet Security.

The only solution for now is to disable Kaspersky and restart the computer, but our team is looking into finding a workaround for this and/or getting Kaspersky to help with fixing the issue.

This thread will be updated with more information soon. In the meantime, please get in touch if you have any questions: team@boxifier.com

We don’t want you to stay unprotected so we’ve been looking for a solution to keep your computer protected while also enjoying Dropbox and Boxifier.

If you are using a premium edition of Boxifier and can’t run Dropbox+Boxifier when Kaspersky is installed, you can get a one year subscription of Bitfender Total Security 2016 ($89.95 value) for free from our friends at Bitdefender.

Bitdefender is ranked no. 1 in independent antivirus tests and we are confident it will keep your computer safe. Please get in touch at team at boxifier dot com and we’ll help you keep your computer protected.

Greetings Bogdan
As a newby I have made mistakes in not thoroughly searching the previous posts for answers. I have the Kaspersky problem - what do I do to access Bitdefender Total Security.
cheers t

Hi Trevor,

Please get in touch at team at boxifier dot com and specify the order id or the e-mail that you used when purchasing Boxifier.


I just installed the free version of Boxifier as a trial run and see how it works - it seemed like the dream solution. However, I run Kaspersky Total Security, so Dropbox cannot no longer start up, defeating the purpose. Uninstalling Kaspersky for a different anti-virus is not an option for me though. Is there any solution on the horizon? Many thanks.

UPDATE - March 23: This has been fixed starting with Boxifier 1.3.4