[FIXED] Exclude Recycle Bin folder from sync


I’m using Boxifier to sync an external drive and it works pretty well, except for one little anoying detail. I don’t know why it is stuck, and always with the blue arrows sign of syncing, forever. It always says it is trying to sync two files, but when I enter the external HD via My Computer it shows all the folders with the green check sign. My guess is he is trying to sync a hidden file inside the external HD, and maybe not being able to for some reason.



I have a similar problem with 900+ files on two network locations. I have blue arrows on several folders. Finally, today, one network location is fully synced for the first time in over a month. (Is this because of Boxifier 1.5.20 that I installed today? I update Boxifier quite a bit, so Dropbox is never stopped for more than 1 day.) The other network location hasn’t been fully synced for over a month. 900+ files seems like a lot of files, but I have >100,000 files that get indexed and synced. Why 900+ files for more than a month.


@Diego_Raigorodsky - it looks like the $RECYCLE.BIN hidden folder creates this issue. It is a system folder found as a top-level on your external drive and it cannot be accessed to be synced. This folder will be excluded from sync with a future Boxifier update.

@mcharguewm Syncing from network locations is always a fun case to handle because there are so many combinations of NAS boxes and buggy firmwares that can cause surprising issues. Moreover, syncing more than 100K files is known to be a challenge for Dropbox, one that we are looking to address with Boxifier 2.


Thank you Razvan. I will wait for the next update. You are very helpful!


@Diego_Raigorodsky could you try the latest Boxifier 1.5.21 and let me know how that goes? It excludes the $RECYCLE.BIN folder from syncing.


Hello, Razvan! THANK YOU! Now it works flawlessly. I know it was not a big deal, but it’s so good, so good, to see the green check everywhere :slight_smile: My soul is relieved.



You’re welcome! Anything that involves a soul relief is always a big deal :slight_smile: