[FIXED] Dropbox won't start when Boxifer is installed


I have a Windows 7 computer where Dropbox works normally until Boxifier is installed. With Boxifier installed, even if it’s not running, Dropbox won’t open. I can get Dropbox to launch by renaming the .exe to “Dropbox - Copy.exe”, but then Boxifier gives the error “Boxifier Core is not running”. Uninstalling Boxifier allows Dropbox to launch normally again.

Additional symptoms: When Boxifer is installed, launching Dropbox creates one process in Task Manager that uses about 3 MB of RAM. The system tray icon does not show, no syncing happens, and Boxifier says “Waiting for Dropbox…” Normally, Dropbox will create three processes, two of which use about 2 MB RAM and one that uses 100-150 MB RAM.

I’m on Boxifier 1.6.16, Dropbox 40.4.46, and my antivirus is AV Defender by Bitdefender.
I have uninstalled Dropbox and Boxifier and reinstalled both. I also tried Dropbox version 39, but got the same result. Do I need to be on an older version of Dropbox?

Any help or troubleshooting ideas are greatly appreciated!

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Hi Chad,

Could you please try this version and let me know if it makes any difference?



Sorry for the delay - this fixed my problem. Thanks!


Glad to hear that. Thanks for letting us know!