[FIXED] Dropbox version 8.4.21 support (How to stop Dropbox from auto-updating to testing version?)


Hey guys,

I have my settings set not to ‘include on early releases’, but nevertheless, I’m continuously updated by Dropbox to the latest testing version (today it’s 8.4.21, yesterday it was 8.4.20).

And even though the Boxifier team is very fast to release corresponding updates once the release moves from testing to stable mode, I still have to wait for that to happen to resume sync.

I’ve tried re-installing dropbox stable version multiple times and it works for a few minutes, and then auto-updates to the testing versions and stops the sync with Boxifier.

Any thoughts?



We are having the same issue, we just can’t use boxifier in production because we have to wait for the new version. And dropbox is aggressively updating almost every week now (in this case every day). 8.4.20 and 8.4.21 are stable releases so even if you disable “include me on early releases”, it will update.

ps: Dropbox mysteriously doesn’t have .20 on https://www.dropbox.com/release_notes
ps2: .20 is now filed as a TESTING release, going to address dropbox about that.


Looks like the 8.4.21 is an emergency release aimed at fixing issues created by the previous Dropbox 8.4.xx releases which proved to be unstable, despite being marked as stable when released. I expect this to be a temporary situation caused by a few rushed Dropbox releases, as usually more time and testing goes into a stable release.

We are working on adding support for this release (Dropbox 8.4.21) and I will post an update here as soon as it is ready.


They are stable versions, although Dropbox changed stable 8.4.20 to test afterwards and released then stable 8.4.21.

Writing this, latest testing version is 9.3.44 (people, do not install).


Boxifier 1.5.6 has been released and it supports Dropbox 8.4.21.


Super, thanks @Razvan!


What do you mean by saying “People do not install”? We don’t have a choice. I go back to uninstalling the testing version and installing the latest stable version and yet after a few minutes Dropbox updates itself to the latest testing version. While that is a problem of Dropbox to solve, I can’t see a reason why Boxifier should stop “supporting” the testing versions. After all, the support is the other way round: Boxifier exists because of Dropbox so you better do something to set this right, notwithstanding the nature of the Dropbox version. Period.


How does it help with my situation where Dropbox doesn’t allow disabling auto-updates? Refer my other post a while back. Make it work.


Hi Sumit

You have a choice. Did you try disabling the “Include me on early releases” checkbox in your account settings? You can see a screenshot of how that looks like in the first message of this thread.

You can go to www.dropbox.com/account and scroll down where you see the Dropbox settings section in order to disable that checkbox.


Note that there seems to be an issue when several users share the same computer. They must each disable that beta option, or dropbox will be updated system-wide when the beta user logs in.