[FIXED] Dropbox version 10.4.26 not supported


Boxifier stopped working and no update available:


This seems to be happening too frequently. I am not happy about running old Dropbox versions just to solve this issue.


Same problem here.
Please fix ASAP.


Having exact same issue…Started this morning. Is there an update due?


It is getting very annoying - files are not getting updated in this delay. Will a fix be long?


Hi everyone,

Sorry about this. An update is coming soon.


It seems to me that this is your standard reply, to minimise these comments and give a better service to your paying customers updates could be much more prompt?


Or even some compensation for periods of incompatibility.


Boxifier 1.5.12 has now been released and it supports Dropbox 10.4.26


Dropbox has been releasing many “stable” releases lately so that is why Boxifier needed to be updated so frequently. However, going forward this is not ideal so we are working on a solution that will prevent these annoyances (both for you and us) from happening in the future.