[FIXED] Dropbox sync stuck "uploading 425 files"


We have been running Boxifier Power Server on a Windows 2008 R2 server for about six months now. Files in a folder on the server are synced to Dropbox for Business, which in turn syncs with Dropbox client on a few users laptops.

No issues until a few weeks back when the sync stopped working consistently. After some investigating, it appears that files uploaded to Dropbox from user laptop are no longer getting synced to the server running Boxifier. Likewise, files uploaded directly to server do not get synced to Dropbox.

The Boxifier status window reports that everything is running, but has said “Uploading 425 files…” for days now. If I restart Dropbox and/or Boxifier, the status message will report that Dropbox is indexing, but then returns to the “upload files” message. Dropbox.com only reports the login activity from the server. No recent file activity.

I have tried restarting both Dropbox and Boxifier, and have upgraded Boxifier to the latest release (1.6.16). For reasons that are unclear, I am not able to install the latest Dropbox version (the installer shuts immediately down without reporting an error). Current Dropbox version is 32.4.23

I have seen postings online saying that Dropbox caches the files in a hidden folder, but I can’t find that.

I would appreciate any suggestions for getting this moving again. Thanks in advance.


Most likely this happens because the Dropbox client version is no longer accepted by the Dropbox server due to it being too old. Dropbox 32.4.23 has been released in August and Dropbox no longer accepts syncing with versions of the Dropbox desktop client which are months old.

Here is how to fix this:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Boxifier from the website (1.6.19 as of writing this message).
  2. Go to Boxifier settings and uncheck the “Block Dropbox updates” feature.
  3. Go to Boxifier server settings and going from bottom up click each of the buttons to stop Dropbox, then stop running it as a service. Doing this should get Dropbox back to starting normally (not as a service).
  4. Download and install the latest version of Dropbox.

Please report back here how that went or if you have issues with any of the steps.



Thanks Christine! Your advice was spot on. I followed your instructions and we are now back in business. Thanks again,