[FIXED] "Dropbox is not running"

Right clicking on a selected folder tells me that "Dropbox is not running, while it does. Solution?

Great and badly needed add-on to Dropbox, by the way. Congrats!

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the kind words!

Could you tell me what are your Windows version and your Dropbox version?

Thanks for your reply, Bogdan!

I am not sure what version I have: the Dropbox icon does not appear in the tray, so I am not sure how to check it. Any suggestions? I have also tried to install new version, but the icon is still not appearing in the tray. Otherwise, the task manager shows that Dropbox is running.

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Could you:

  1. Open Task Manager.
  2. Go to the Details tab and right click on the column headers.
  3. Click on “Select columns”.

  1. Check the “Session Id” line and click OK.

  1. The “Details” tab will now have a Session Id column.
  2. Lookup the session id for Dropbox.exe and Boxifier.exe

Please reply here and let me know if the two session ids match.

One more question: can you see the Dropbox icon if you click on “Show hidden icons” arrow in the taskbar?

Congrats on this application, its an astounding improvement over dropbox raw.

I do however get a somewhat flakey start up, and this I would attribute to my non standard settings.
But ill explain them as it may only take a small amount of coding for you/your team to resolve.

I have 3 dropbox.exe running, across 3 OS user accounts (win7), one on a limited account, one on the Administrator account, and one on the active account (being in the administrators group).
The active account runs dropbox.exe normally.
The other two accounts dropbox.exe launch via the win7 RUNAS.EXE command launching under the profile of the dropbox.exe install being run. (so same as fast user switching)

Im unclear on what detection scheme your using, but if either of the two non active profile dropbox.exe are running when boxifier starts it doesnt seem to pickup the active accounts one (might be your stopping due to multiple instances, and its better to not do anything than guestimate what is happening, which is very wise)
Reported as “Boxifier Core not loaded” on context menus.

SessionID shows “1” for all 3, and correct USERNAME of each os account.

Shutting down the other 2 dropbox.exe’s gets Boxifer up and running, restarting them following this seems to get all going ok.

I have noticed some small flakey behavour with the protection system, but I would not liek to comment on that until I disable the other two dropbox.exe’s and text under normal states, as I suspect this maybe a hang over of running 3 instances.

Regardless your application adds a valuable resource to Dropbox.
Question, around the 259 character file path limit (DB have removed it in the beta) is this still in effect? as if this been removed or once DB removes it from theirs we are most likely to purchase Boxifier, My concern currently is that 259 - (F:\DROPBOX) = 248 usable path, F:\DROPBOX\BOXIFIER\ means 239 usable path, and I already had to locate and adjust over 200 file paths for F:\DROPBOX\ (im blocking the DB app from renaming the folder to “F:\DROPBOX {company)” as well since that would have been even more lost)

Question, as I dont know the underlying mechanics of what your doing, Ill ask, will Boxifier suffer under high file loads? aka we have around 300K files, but expect to raise to 500K soon, and the DB app is already gagging on the number.

Thank you for the kind words, Dave.

Yes, the scenario with multiple instances of Dropbox.exe running like you described is not currently supported by Boxifier. No particular reason against it, it just isn’t that common and we had to prioritize development resources. However, we’re still v1 so the product will eventually evolve to handle this scenario as well.

As far as I remember the Dropbox client removed the file path limit during the past months (in the experimental builds), but I admit not having checked that with the latest stable DB client. Boxifier does not suffer from that limitation so it would only show if imposed by the Dropbox client. However, if the DB client doesn’t remove that limitation in the stable version (although I don’t see with they wouldn’t), we can build a solution into Boxifier so that it makes the DB client overcome that limitation. I know that’s possible because I had a prototype working at some point. I will take a look at the latest stable DB client and get back with an answer.

I admit that I haven’t tested Boxifier with high loads (to the order of what you describe - 300K to 500K), but it should have no problems. The Boxifier layer is designed to be fast so the only limitations would be the ones of the DB app.

The protected folders feature is experimental. The main reason it was introduced is to be able to backup folders to Dropbox without worrying that the DB app might suddenly decide to delete those files.

Thank you for taking the time to offer the detailed feedback. I really appreciate it.

@Dave, I just checked the latest stable build of the Dropbox desktop client (2.10.42) and the file path limit is still there. However, it continues to be removed in the latest experimental build of the Dropbox desktop client (2.11.29) so probably we will soon see it in the stable build.

I am having the same issue. I am running windows 8.1 pro with dropbox 3.2.9. My session ID’s match, and dropbox is certainly running.

Is Dropbox being run from the current user, or is it run from another user using “Run As”?

Same issue here. Using the beta version 3.5.63, which has moved the Dropbox executable to C:\Program Files (x86)\Dropbox\Client\Dropbox.exe.

Hi Erwin,

Indeed, starting with 3.5.60 Dropbox installs itself in Program Files if you give it administrator privileges when installing.

We will release a new version which handles this change.

I will let you know by e-mail as soon as we release it.


Just wanted to update this and let everyone know that Boxifier 1.0.20 solves this issue.

If you still experience it after installing Boxifier 1.0.20, please reply to this thread.


Hi Razvan,

I experienced this issue while running Boxifier 1.0.20. I installed 1.0.22 and it went away (after having to reboot the computer).

Take care,

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UPDATE - March 15: The latest version of Boxifier fixes this issue.

Anyone experiencing issues with Dropbox not running after installing Boxifier, please note that this could be linked to an issue with Kaspersky Internet Security. More details here.

If you still experience problems with Dropbox not running please contact me directly: razvan at boxifier dot com