[FIXED] Dropbox crashes at startup when Boxifier is opened

Since a few days, Dropbox is starting, shows its “Connecting…” message, then crashes.

If I close Boxifier, and re-open Dropbox, wait for the connection to complete, and then start Boxifier, it works and I see the Boxifier folders syncing.

UPDATE: when I first start Dropbox, then Boxifier, it does a complete re-synchronization which takes a lot of time.

Could you please download the latest version from the website, install it on top of your existing installation and let me know if you experience the same behavior?

Doing right now.
I have Dropbox v6.3.13, and I had Boxifier 1.3.2.
=> Upgrading to 1.4.6…

UPDATE: I’ll wait until Dropbox finishes to re-sync, then I’ll do the test again :slight_smile:

@Razvan: I updated and it worked :slight_smile:
I thought boxifier was auto-updating itself ?

Glad to hear that. The update hasn’t yet been pushed on the update channel, but it will be.

I am experiencing this problem. The latest version that I can see on the website is 1.3.4 which is the version that I already have. How do I access version 1.4.6 please?

Actually, when you download and install it, it shows 1.4.6 :slight_smile: I guess the website has not been updated yet.

Thanks. I downloaded “1.3.4” and installed it. About Boxifier shows 1.4.6. Control Panel, Programs and Features shows

Thanks for reporting this. We’re looking into it and we’ll also push 1.4.6 to the update channel soon.

@trevorrix Does the issue still appear after installing 1.4.6?

The issue now appears to be resolved, thanks.

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