[FIXED] Dont know what boxifier is going

hi guys

the support is very limited ive no manual and no support to contact

on my boxifier window i see this https://www.dropbox.com/s/jgbxmm38025ay9b/Screenshot%202015-10-30%2019.13.44.png?dl=0

Okay moving foward I go to my dropbox account and go to boxifier and all I see is 3 shortcuts for the above folders

I can’t see where this data is being backed up to my dropbox? Any advice on how this should be setup really appreciated


What is the Dropbox version running on your computer?

The primary way to get support is to contact us on team@boxifier.com

Someone from the team will contact you in a few minutes to find out more about this.


As discussed via e-mail, Boxifier was syncing correctly.

The confusion was probably due tot the shortcuts placed in the Boxifier folder.

We initially thought of those shortcuts as placeholders so that one could easily jump to the original locations.

In the last months we came to the conclusion that those are somehow confusing for some of our users (some simply believe that Boxifier would be using shortcuts to do the sync process - which is not true) and we are thinking of removing those shortcuts in the future.