[FIXED] Boxifier syncs from wrong HDD

Win 8.1 Boxifier Plus 1.3.0
I have two external drives G and F each used to back up a different computer. Both have one folder in common, Photos, that is synced between them on weekends. I used Boxifier to upload G:/ Photos to Dropbox w/o problems. Yesterday I connected both drives into the computer with Boxifier on it and synced the folder between the drives. Now Boxifier wants to sync F:/ Photos instead of G and when I connect G says Dropbox>Boxifier>Photos “This name is already in use by another folder. Please type another name.” Error Code: E8500048
Selective sync in Dropbox has a dot in the box for Boxifier and Photos is checked.
Since I do not have access to the computer that F backs up to most of the time this is not good.

This is most likely because those drives are not connected using the same drive letters as before.

Please make sure that the drive letters are the same as when you first synced those folders with Boxifier. You can see the original path and drive letters in the Boxifier application window.

Thanks. You are right the computer reversed the drive letters when I synced so I just reversed them and all is good.