[FIXED] Boxifier on a virtual machine

I am currently trying to evaluate your product using a virtual machine as test sandbox, and can’t do much with it. Maybe I’m missing something important.

My VM guest is a win7 vanilla with dropbox desktop app installed and linked to a test account, running with VirtualBox on a win7 host. It runs demo version of boxifier (the one with only one folder). It connects to the internet via default NAT to its host.

Normal dropbox features work quite well, but when it comes to my boxified folder

  • Files are marked synced (by overlay icons) as soon as they are put in the boxified folder, even when its size (100MB) makes it impossible to be true
  • I let some time to upload few-bytes files, then can’t see them in Dropbox web IF
  • nothing on dropbox /Boxifier/ folder
  • if I right click the file in explorer > share DB link, the link points to dropbox message “this file is currently uploading”

Either I missed something from the way it’s supposed to behave or something in the VM model prevents it from working. I’m not fond on installing a SW under test on a real machine if I can avoid it. Do I have to?

This sounds very unusual. Someone from our support team will get in touch by e-mail in order to find out more. Thank you for reporting this. Boxifier should run on a VM with no issues.

This thread will be updated.

For the record: Pausing and restarting dropbox sync on my VM solved the problem. It’s just a minor bug then. Phew!