[FIXED] Boxifier not syncing changes to local folder (outside dropbox)

I have 4 external folders (on the same PC) and 2 network shares being synced with dropbox/boxifier. Today I noticed that at least one of those folders hasn’t synced in three months. Can you suggest any diagnostics I might try? Running latest dropox on a windows 10 (x64) PC

Off to check the other folders now


Okay, been through all the folders boxifier is managing, and none of them are syncing - any ideas? Also, on the folders boxifier is managing on the same PC as dropbox itself, the folder icons have a grey circle icon superimposed. Within the circle is a white horizontal bar - here’s what it looks like : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56923044/Boxifier%20Icon.PNG

That looks like the folders are unchecked in selective sync settings. Do you remember unchecking them or the Boxifier folder?

Hmm, I have dropbox syncing to two computers, this one and my PC in work. I only have boxifier on this one (I use it for online backup), and on the other computer I have the boxifier folders disabled in selective sync. I can say with confidence that I have never disabled them on this computers, but when I look in the selective sync settings for dropbox they aren’t ticked _ I guess they should be then? Any idea what might have caused them to become unticked?

Re-enabled one of them and it has synced okay, so switching on the rest to see how they go. Still not sure how it got switched off though