[FIXED] Boxifier not restarting service


We purchased Boxifier for Windows Server as it allows Dropbox to run as a service and can restart said service. That being said when Dropbox does crash Boxifier does not restart the service. It just displays this:


Any advise on how to fix this? I found a similar post several months back with the same issue and a developer promising a fix.

Another bug…


At over $300 for a year license I expected better…

Do you give refunds?

Hi Anthony,

As I already mentioned in the reply to your e-mail, the team is working on this and a fix is coming.

I will say at least you guys are responsive, so that is appreciated, I’ll stay tuned for the update.

Same issue here - glad there is a fix underway but can you suggest a way to restart the service without rebooting our server and ensure that all the boot actions are taking place in the right order?

Yes, you can use the Start/Stop service buttons in the Server setttings window in Boxifier. Could you try that and let me know how that works?

My work around is:

  1. Stop the Boxifier service via Boxifier
  2. Set Dropbox to not run as a service via Boxifier
  3. Launch the Dropbox client via the Start Menu

By doing that I’ve been able to manually relaunch Dropbox as needed. However, I do have to keep a user signed into the server to keep the client open.

Edit: Bogdan’s solution works too.

That worked - thanks Bogdan and gin!
It would be great if there was a way to setup an email notification if the service isn’t syncing properly. We’ve got TB’s queued up to sync with DB and don’t become aware that syncing stopped unless I go on the server and check. I was out for a few days and I guess nothing was syncing while I was out. Just a feature request. Thanks for the quick response.

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Glad to hear that worked. Yes. an e-mail notification feature is on our roadmap.

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Speaking of roadmaps (sorry to thread hijack), would Boxifier be able to work around Dropbox’s performance issues over 300,000 files?

FYI, happened again today but this time the Stop/Start service buttons wouldn’t work and Dropbox status would not change from unknown. Ended up quitting Boxifier from task manager and relaunching.

Yes, quitting Boxifier and relaunching is the way to go if the GUI has glitches. The GUI becoming unresponsive doesn’t impact Boxifier because the main action doesn’t happen in the GUI, but in the service. The good news is that the fix is almost ready.

Still having recurring instances with this issue happening. Lost several days of upload time while I was out of the office and unable to check the status. Do you know if there is a fix in place for this yet? Maybe one is there and I just need to upgrade. My current version of Boxifier Windows Server is 1.0.23.

Did you get the e-mail sent two weeks ago regarding the latest Boxifier (1.3.0) ? It contains the fix for this issue.

Could you please install it and let me know if the issue still appears?

Ah, found it - that was right after I left town so must have missed it. I’ve installed the update and am back in business. Thanks as always for you guys being so responsive!

I’ve still been having to restart the service every couple of weeks or so. Let me know if y’all have any thoughts?

Do you have any more details on this? What was the state of Boxifier when you restarted the service?

Hi Razvan, when it stopped I was still showing “Dropbox is configured to run as a service” and “Service is Running” and “Dropbox is Running” in my server settings panel but the Dropbox indicator on the folders’ icon was absent. I referred to our Dropbox admin console and it verified that our Storage level had stopped increasing. Once I restarted the Boxifier and DB services, the DB indicators returned to the icons and the server settings are showing that the services are running.

Thank you for the details, Mike. The team will look into this and I will get back with an answer.

Thanks Razvan, let me know if you need further info.