[FIXED] Boxifier core not running


I’ve seen many posts on this, but no explanations. Can you help. I am up to date, etc. thanks


This is related to the latest Dropbox update. A Boxifier update which fixes this will be out soon.


Boxifier 1.5.2 has been released and contains the fix for this.


Rasvan, if don’t have any problem with 1.5.1, is it necessary to update (I mean, I do not fix when there is no broken :slight_smile: )? Or is it better to have latest version of Boxifier?


Yes, it is better that you install 1.5.2 because when your Dropbox updates (if it hasn’t already) to the latest stable version (7.4.30) you will need 1.5.2


Thank you. Boxifier is now updated to 1.5.2 :slight_smile:


I am running Dropbox 13.3.19 and have installed Boxifier 1.5.2 and get “Boxifier core is not running”. What can be done?