[Fixed] Boxifier and Surface Pro 3

I can’t get Boxifier to work on my Surface.

Hi Geoff,

I just wrote you by e-mail to find out more about this.


Razvan, I am still having trouble. I downloaded and installed the update. But still, when Boxifier loads up it takes me directly to a screen which tells me what folder is on Dropbox (but it has a little blue circle there indicating something is still loading up, I guess). This screen will not accept the drag and drop of a new folder, perhaps because it’s the wrong screen for adding folders. What’s going on? This is Windows 8.1 on a Surface Pro 3. I want to backup folders from an external drive to Dropbox.

Hi Geoff,

Please try right-clicking a folder on your external drive and choose “Boxifier - Sync with Dropbox” to add a new folder to Dropbox.

Does this work?