[FIXED] Avoid using local disk space


Dear Boxifier team,
AFAIK, the PC which runs Boxifier, should not hold ANY files from dropbox on it HD. is that correct?
so, basicly, if i have 500 GB on my DropBox but only 50 GB on the machine that runs Boxifier and 1 TB on My NAS, this should work?


Yes, when syncing a folder using Boxifier that folder won’t be copied to the local Dropbox folder so this should work.


Thanks for the answer. Yet, my Dropbox say it is out of space. What do o miss here?


Inside the Dropbox folder there is a hidden .dropbox.cache folder. Maybe that is taking up space?


It won’the copy it to the drop box folder but it will still be taking up space on your HDD in its original folder.