[FIXED] All synchronized folders converted to shortcuts (.lnk)

Woke up this morning to find all of my synchronized folders in Boxifier converted to shortcuts with the format “Folder name (shortcut).lnk”. When I opened Boxifier it was stuck on “loading folders” and would never show my synchronized folders. I uninstalled and re-installed to try to fix, but Boxifier is still stuck on “loading folders”. I deleted the info in AppData/Roaming/Boxifier after uninstalling, as I saw that it wasn’t deleted when I uninstalled and thought it might be part of the problem. I also deleted the Boxifier folder in my Dropbox after uninstalling. The AppData folder has been restored on first launch, but the Boxifier folder in Dropbox was not created and I still can’t get Boxifier to properly run. Any suggestions for moving forward?

Hi Matt,

Please see this thread: