It would be really useful to be able to temporarily pause syncing so that I can make changes to the files in the folder without them going to Dropbox, then once happy with the files in the folder turn sync back on so that they are pushed to Dropbox.

Also Can you stop one folder syncing if it is within another that is synced related to this request.

Many thanks for a great product from a premium boxifier :slight_smile:

Yes, this is a feature that has been requested in the last months so you can be sure it is something that we are working on :wink:

Thank you for being a premium boxifier!

Great stuff, this would also sort issues such as those “file in use” described in post Sync Delay Setting

It is great to see such good after sales support, keep up your great work :+1:

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As a temporary workaround I am using the Dropbox apps “Pause syncing” option, this works well but means that all folders are not synced rather than selected folders.