Endless syncing of new folders

Been using Boxifier with my Dropbox pro account to backup all my photos and videos that are currently on a Seagate NAS. Was working flawlessly for months but in the last few days has stopped working. Now dropbox is stuck in endless sync when adding a new folder, even with only 9 pics in it. Folder appears grey and flickery in Boxifier window.

I have tried exiting and restarting dropbox, renaming folders and files. I got that to work for one folder, but then after trying another one the same thing happens, and then happens again with the previous folder, one step forward two steps back. Tried unlinking and relinking dropbox account, took a loooooong time to resync, then happened again. Only way to get back to green check mark land is to remove the newer folders from Boxifier. This actually deleted one of them which I was not happy about. Please help, I love your app, it was working so well, want to get it working again.

One thing I noticed - the folders I have ‘removed from Dropbox’ via Boxifier are still up on the Dropbox web site.

Hi there,

No worries, we will see what this is about. We can do this best with a remote support session in order to figure out what the problem is and fix it.

Please contact me on razvan@boxifier.com and I can take a look at it.