Eject external hard drive while Boxifier and Dropbox are running

Of course my laptop says 'The device is currently in use". Do I need to shut down Dropbox just to be able to safely eject my external hard drive and turn off my laptop?

Any tips or tricks would be helpful.


Hi Ray,

It would be useful to know which process is using the drive. One tool you can use for that is Process Explorer.

For a short tutorial on how to use it for this specific task you can check this link:

Basically you would need to:

  • Download and run Process Explorer from here
  • Click the Find menu and choose Find Handle or DLL
  • Type the drive letter of your external drive e.g: E:\ and then search to see what process has it open

Please let me know how this goes.

OK Dan,

Thanks for the quick response. Just licensed Boxifier.

One more quick question…

I went into Settings/Selective Sync in Dropbox and unchecked Boxifier so that the files from my External Hard Drive would not sync back to my C drive, but everytime I go back to Selective Sync, the Boxifier folder is checked again.

Might not be a problem though since the only file in the Boxifier folder on my hard drive is a ‘Shortcut’ link to my external drive.

Guess I’m just trying to figure out exactly how it all works.

The process that is using the external hard drive is Dropbox. I shut down Dropbox, ejected the hard drive and when I got home, booted up the laptop, attached the hard drive and everything took up where is left off.

Doesn’t seen to be a problem.

There is no need to uncheck the Boxifier folder or any subfolder from Selective Sync. Boxifier integrates with the Dropbox client and takes care of that for you. So if you unchecked it you should check it again and leave it checked.

The only thing needed is to right-click the folder and select “Boxifier - Sync with Dropbox”. No extra steps required. That’s all.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help with.

That’s good to hear!

Thanks for the quick reply and support.

Looks like now I can finally upload my entire 288GB iTunes library to Dropbox.