Dropbox shell integration with Windows on latest version of Dropbox

Hi we are currently using Boxifier 1.9.46 and Dropbox 188.4.6302. We cannot use the sharing features integrated in to dropbox/windows in our boxifier folder since we were forced to update to the latest dropbox version 2 days ago. If there is a recommended version of Dropbox or a fix for this could you please let me know.

Anything we add to these folders is synced automatically, so I don’t think it is a linking issue.

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Yes, not a linking issue. Confirming this is just a broken shell integration with the latest version of Dropbox. Our team is working on restoring this functionality and I will update this thread when the Boxifier update gets released.


Hi Christine,

Is there an update on this? Thank you.

Yes, a fix for the shell integration should be arriving next week.