Dropbox msg: "Cant sync (file) access denied" on external HD

i boxifier 1 folder on my external HD and it was work greatly.
then i move some folders and files from my flash disk to it. now dropbox give msg:
Dropbox msg: “Cant sync (file) access denied” for each file, for almost all files in this main boxifier folder in my external HD.
how to solve this

Hi there,

What do you mean by this?

Please let me know so that I can help.

Thank you very much for your quick reply.

I just move files
from my old HD to usb card then connect it to my Pc and move it to my boxifier
folder on the external HD.

another thing: when i open the boxifier wondows, which had 1 main folder, it apear not colored but gray. also there is no sync sign on the folders and subfolders.
when i make right click this folder, boxifier says: sync with dropbox (not remove from dropbox). when i choose to sync with dropbox, boxifier give msg: this name is already include …)

Thank you for the details.

In case the folder is colored gray it means the folder path can not be accessed by Boxifier.

Does the external drive have the same letter as it had when you first right-clicked that folder and synced it with Boxifier?

You can check this by going to the Boxifier application window and see the path of the folder that is showing up gray. Does that path begin with the same drive letter as the drive letter of the external HDD?

thank you for you follow up.
no its not the same.
it was D but now this main boxifier folder is in E (i did not notice it). but why this happened?
yesterday i boxified the sub folders of my main boxifier folder (of the problem). now, what shall i do?
and how i change it.
another question: my folders are duplicate in dropbox, how to solve this now?
many thanks