Dropbox 8.3.16 not yet supported. What to do?

Some of you might have received this message when running the latest Boxifier (1.5.2).

Dropbox 8.3.16 is an experimental early release and experimental releases are not supported.

We recommend that you always run the current stable version of Dropbox.

The current stable build of Dropbox is 7.4.30 ( https://www.dropbox.com/release_notes ) and you can get it from here: Download & Install - Dropbox

We also recommend going into your account settings on Dropbox.com and opt-out being included on early releases of Dropbox.

You can go to www.dropbox.com/account and scroll down where you see the Dropbox settings section:


Then you can uncheck “Include me on early releases”.

Dropbox recommend not downgrading as it can cause all files to be reindexed, which would take forever! So I’m now between a rock and a hard place…

Thanks. I had the same problem and your solution worked.

I looked on the internet earlier to see how to download an earlier version of Dropbox but didn’t find anything. I should have come here first!

I unchecked the box.


BTW - uninstall first and then reinstall. Overwriting appears to work but doesn’t.