Deleted Files from DropBox?

Boxifier seems to have deleted ALL of our synced files. I received an e-mail from DropBox that a large amount of data had been deleted and it was the only way I noticed the issue. Close to 1/2 TB of data was deleted, all folders replaced with “LNK” files. I am trying to use the DropBox history to recover as much as can be but this is not acceptable as a bug?

It’s worth noting that Boxifier also stopped working. No longer available in the right click context menu nor would it show “synced” folders in the application. I tried several reboots, windows updates (Windows 7 machine), etc. This was an older version. Having updated to the latest I seem to have gained the context menu option and I can see the folders. However NOTHING seems to be actually uploading even though the blue update icon appears next to each folder?

I can understand that old versions may cease to perform the syncing functions and might not even see/recognize folders. I can’t understand, nor is it acceptable to have wholesale deletion happen. Bandwidth and time cost money.

Hi Paul,

This is related to a change in Dropbox that affected the Boxifier sync. We sent an e-mail when this Dropbox update was released and recommended everyone to install the latest Boxifier. Did you receive this e-mail? It was sent about a month ago.

That Dropbox update caused the folders to disappear from your Boxifier folder on but no files were deleted. If you install the latest Boxifier and wait for it to finish indexing then you will see those folders reappear in your Dropbox account.

Your folder contents will only be indexed, but not uploaded so it won’t use your bandwith.