Custom folder setup

I’m not happy that I can’t seem to control where my files go…no control over structure. For example, I create a lot of very heavy media files. I have a main “projects” folder with many projects in it. I would like to selectively pick ONLY some folders in there to sync but keep the structure the same…so on dropbox it would look like “projects>carproject>referencefiles” or something like that. So it would copy the same structure but only select files. This is a must have for me and anyone doing file heavy professional work.

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We are also not happy about it and want more flexibility with choosing where in Dropbox to sync outside folders. That’s why we are working on making this possible with a future version of Boxifier. It has been sitting on our minds since we first released Boxifier, so you can be sure it will make its way into the product.

Thank you for adding your voice to this. It helps with making sure that we deliver on what users need.

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I would like to add my voice here, for the sake of organization I need to sync each folder on my own folders and not everything under Boxifier one.

I just posted the same question essentially…“Moving folders in Dropbox with Boxifier”.

I would like to maintain the same file structure in DB that I have on my external hard drive.