Change the path of a boxifier folder


I have recently installed a new file server so the synchronization path is no longer correct.
I want to change
\ \ filerserver1\myphotos
\ \ fileserver2\myphotos
I want to do this without removing and re-adding the files since they are

  1. identical
    2 it took 3 days to upload last time!!



I’d love an answer to this, too - very critical when syncing external drives, as I cannot re-upload massive file collections each time. Thanks!


This should be available very soon. Thanks for adding your voice to this request.

I will update this thread with more details as soon as it is implemented.


Is there an update on this? I have some huge folder synced, but have changed drive structures after a local drive crash, and really don’t want to re-upload some 700GB of files. Is there a workaround to re-associate a Boxifier folder/files with the new location?

Thanks for any insight or help!


If you contact customer support they can help you with this for you before the feature gets added to the product.