Change name or default directory(Boxifier)

Hi, I would like to change the default directory(Boxifier) or put my file on root directory on dropbox in PRO or BUSNESS licenses


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Thank you for your feedback. For the moment this is not possible, but we are taking it into consideration for a future version of Boxifier.


I really need to change default folder becouse I cant rename the uploaded folder in DropBox. Is to big and cant sync to my computer.

¿Is there any way to do it?.

DropBox says: Too many files please use the desktop application.

I cant sync to my desktop becouse il will take years (almost 1TB).


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Could you please tell me what folder are you trying to rename?

I need to change the “Boxifier” folder that the application creates for another like “Boxifier2”. Path: “…\Dropbox\Boxifier”

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Is this feature to change the default Boxifier folder supported, yet?

Agreed. I just dropped $50 on this and was expecting to be able to grab any folder on my computer and put it in any location I wanted in my dropbox. Apparently this is a long standing feature request.

Yes, this has been a long standing request and it is now coming to Boxifier.

This is still not an option huh? Honestly I’m waiting to buy for that feature specifically