Change location of Boxifier Folder on other sync'ed computers

I have an extensive audio library (~450GB) I want to use Boxifier to sync, but I’m not clear if I can use it how I would prefer.

Home PC is the main upload of these files, on an internal, non-system HDD.
I will use DB Selective Sync to turn off the Boxifier folder on a couple of laptops that sync with account, so no issues there.
I would like Office PC to download the audio files from DB, but not store them in the DB folder on the system drive, but instead place them onto an external HDD connected via E-SATA.

Is this possible? Thanks!

Hi there,

Yes, this is possible. On the Office PC you would create a folder on the external HDD having the same name as the subfolder of the Dropbox -> Boxifier folder where you are syncing your audio library.

Then you would right-click that newly created folder and link it with the subfolder of the Dropbox -> Boxifier folder where you are syncing the audio library.

Does this help?

Yes, it does. Sorry for the delay in responding…this project got distracted for a while…in order to do this, I think I need one of the premium versions to make this work, correct? If so, do I need to buy a premium version of Boxifer for both the home and office PCs or can I use the free version for one end or the other? Thanks!

I understand you want to use it with an internal drive on the home PC and an external drive on the office PC.

So on your home PC you can use the free version and on the office PC you can use Boxifier Plus.

If you would need to sync more than 1 folder then you can take advantage of the multi-computer license and use it on both your office and your home computer: