Can't Sync due to permission

Been like this for 2 days. Help?

“Drop Box 21.4.25
Downloading 1,055 Files…
Can’t sync “[file name]” (permission denied)”

Hi Gabriel,

Where are those files stored? Can you access them via Windows Explorer?

Yes, at the original location. Boxifier is installed at home. I put a bunch of files into my dropbox at work, and most of them transferred over no problem. But then stopped there. I can’t access them at home because they have not been transferred over yet.

Also, I can access the files on DropBox website.

It appears that if go tot he original location and change the name, it will then sync. (After a pause then a resume). However, I don’t want to have to do that 1056 times.

We would need more details in order to understand this completely.

You mentioned Boxifier is installed at home. If I got this right, you have some files at work that you put in one of your Dropbox -> Boxifier subfolders and expect them to sync to a location outside of Dropbox on your home computer where Boxifier is installed.

Did I get this right?

Exactly, that is exactly correct.

Do you do this on the work computer or on the home computer?

I do it on the work computer. It does not exist on the home computer, because it has not been synced.

  1. I scan a picture at the office into Dropbox
  2. sometimes it appears at home on my home NAS (using Boxifier) and sometimes it says at it can’t sync due to permissions.
  3. I go back to the office and change the name, and then it syncs.

Where does it say it can’t sync due to permissions? On the home or on the work computer?

at home where boxifier is installed. can i send an image?

Yes, you should be able to upload an image here. Please let me know if it doesn’t work.

And here is another one

Looks like an issue with the NAS. You can contact the support team via e-mail and they can help with investigating this.

How can that be? the permissions issue is not on that end, it is with Boxifier trying to get the new file from dropbox and placing it on the NAS. The file does not exist on the NAS yet. It’s Boxifier trying to get permission from Dropbox.

There is a piece of software running on every NAS that handles the way files are stored and accessed on the NAS. What makes you believe that the permission issue is not on that end?

So you are saying that Boxifier is having trouble with permission on the NAS when placing the data into the Nas, not Dropbox? If that is the case, why does changing the name In Dropbox fix the issue? No idea?

That’s why I suggested you contact the support team by e-mail. When they take a look at this and have more details on it, they might get a better idea.