Can Boxifier inform when you might have to update Dropbox?


Can you Boxifier staff tell when it is time to update both, Dropbox and Boxifier, to inform user who have set that Dropbox is not updated automatically. Like me, I have set that Dropbox updates is blocked so I still use Dropbox 11.4.22 and Boxifier 1.5.21. Everything seems to work flawlessly.

In future, there will might be truly important Dropbox update. Sadly normal user cannot anymore know that because Dropbox do not publish rational release notes anymore, every time user can read that “Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes.” Not anything about what is changed. Actually, there is no stable build at all according to the Dropbox release notes list :confused:, see screenshot or real notes).

I really would appreciate if Boxifier will tell when there is bigger change than version number bump of Dropbox, so user that have block Dropbox updates know it is time to update Dropbox. Boxifier could do that via Boxifier or at least on Boxifier changelog. :slight_smile:

(Screenshot of Dropbox release notes when there is no stable builds at all :joy: How useless those notes can be…)


Yes, this is something that we are working on :slight_smile:


I’m very glad to hear that. :sunny: :relaxed:


Can you advice now, do I have to update Dropbox 11.4.22 and Boxifier 1.5.21 to newest versions? My system seems to works just fine now, but Boxifier inform constantly that there is update available. :slight_smile:


Yes, updating Boxifier to the latest version is recommended.



But I think that when you release Boxifier which support latest stable Dropbox 14.4.19 (as I write this message, there might be Dropbox version bump already) , I propably stop updating for a while because I’m quite tired to update these while I do not why I have to update.

So I ask, can I disable Boxifier updates availability information?

By the way, I like very much that Dropbox -status tab in Boxifier’s GUI (yes I know Dropbox status bar icon, but I do not like to use it while it often open Windows Dropbox-folder if I click it accidentally). Thank you.


Yes, you can now do it with Boxifier 1.5.25

Glad to know you like it! :slight_smile:


Hello Razvan, thanks a lot!! :clap: